About Us.

Our founders and managing partners are Native European residents who are Certified Immigration Consultants in order to serve all your immigration ambitious in the best way possible as well as to help you achieve your immigration goals and turn your dreams into reality. We have a capable operations team who have an successful track record in achieving Immigration process. Likewise our young professionals are working to ensure that our clients get the best services they desire by keeping up with the latest update in the immigration policies and laws of the respective countries.

We are a registered immigration consultancy company with our partners in the UK OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner), Canadian ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) and Australia MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). We are a certified and licensed immigration consultants, legal advisory, and a processing team who are specialized in Immigration services of overseas business establishment and resettlement solutions in countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Poland, and other Caribbean countries. Our services cover all types of counselling and processing of immigration visas such as Skilled Visas, Business Visas, Investor Visa, Employer sponsored visas, Family visa, Permanent residency, residency or citizenship by investment.

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Know Us.

F&P are one of the leading consultants across the United Arab Emirates, GCC, MENA and Europe. We aim continuously to establish a global presence which has led to the birth of our company. We are structured with well knowledgeable consultants all around the world; with the combination of our expertise; in the fields of Immigration, Hospitality and Recruitment services by establishing a unique partnership system with the international market.


We have founded the company in 2014, with the focus on International Immigration Services and have been expanding ever since, reaching 2020 with the launch of our Hospitality and Recruitment services division. We have partnered with iconic leaders in the fields of Hospitality and Recruitment with decades of experience; so that we can deliver the best outcome for any project.

With commitment to high professional standards and confidentiality, we are committed and driven to work closely with our clients to build trust and offer the best solutions to their objectives. By providing an integrated approach to consulting and creating new opportunities for individuals and businesses, we aim to expand the scope of our services.

Integrity, Service Excellence, Transparency and a one-point contact.

Our company is committed to deliver credible, professional and result-oriented services by offering advice and representation to our clients in the UAE and overseas in a wide range of services that focus on providing assistance, developing trustworthy relationships and promoting success. 

Our Services

We focus on delivering our vision and mission through a unique range of services that will unlock a bright future and potential to out valued clients. We offer the below services for your satisfaction